In addition to their academic courses all Sixth Formers are expected to take part in enrichment activities that are on offer. Participating in a range of extra-curricular activities contributes to their personal development and enhances their applications for university and work. Students are able to develop and demonstrate a broad range of organisational skills such as time management, leadership and teamwork whilst carrying out something that they enjoy.

During the weekly tutor period, students will have practical discussions and produce work on such issues as driving safety, sexual health and managing finances, as well as building their Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, initiative and communication. We also hope that the enrichment programme, opportunities for responsibility and extra-curricular activities will ensure that you develop more than just your academic abilities.

Below is a taster of the types of enrichment activities which we have within Thurstable Sixth Form:

● A senior Student Leadership team - including lead students, Deputy Lead students, charities coordinators, media coordinator and peer mentoring coordinators.

● Work experience opportunities - at the end of Year 12 you will be given the opportunity for work experience; our Careers lead will work with you to find a placement which is suitable to your programmes of study and future career aspirations.

● Study skills mentors - Sixth Form students have been through the trials and tribulations of GCSE and understand what it is like; they are in the best position to guide year 11 through their final year in school and point them in the direction of effective advice and guidance.

● Peer mentoring - Literacy and numeracy mentors for the younger year groups.

● Driving programme with Supreme Driving School - we have teamed up with a local Driving provider, who offer you free practical and theory lessons in school.

And many, many more. Please remember, if there is something which you would like to see in the Sixth Form which we do not currently offer, then speak to us; we will try our best to find someone who can help you.