Copy of Your Careers Entitlement 2023

What we provide:

We support students in making well-informed decisions by providing access to independent and impartial careers advice and guidance about the range of options available to them both post 16 and 18. This is arranged and provided by our qualified Careers Adviser, Mrs C Swan as well through a wide variety of external agencies and training providers.This includes information about academic, vocational and apprenticeship routes. Through engagement with employers as part of our Enrichment Programme and by providing Year 12 work shadowing and voluntary work experience as a requirement of specific courses we aim to prepare students for the world of work, whichever Post 16 pathway they choose to best suit their needs.

External Provider Access:

As part of the school’s commitment to informing our students of the full range of learning and training opportunities on offer, Thurstable School Sports College and Sixth Form Centre is willing to consider requests from further and higher educational colleges, and training providers who may wish to access our students during the academic year. This is in accordance with the requirement of the ‘Technical and Further Education Act: 2017’, where schools have a new legal duty to ensure that there is an opportunity for a range of education and training providers to access registered pupils for the purpose of informing them about approved technical education qualifications and apprenticeships. 

Who to contact:

In the first instance, providers should make contact through the school website.

This will then be forwarded to the Careers Leader & Sixth Form Manager, Mrs C Swan, where each request will be given due consideration in liaison with the School’s Senior Leadership Team.

The school can reserve the right to refuse any request if:

·        there is any impact on student examinations or revision

·        there are any clashes with the school’s own internal events

·        the school is unable to provide staff to support

·        there is insufficient space or unavailable rooms to support due to timetabling

For all requests that are approved, providers will be contacted accordingly and will liaise directly with the Careers Leader & Sixth Form Manager for further details:

Mrs Claire Swan

01621 816526

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