Technology is a part of our everyday lives and we need to make sure that we are all aware of the latest trends, especially on social media or apps. At Thurstable School we are committed to educating students, parents and staff alike with online issues, their management and how to avoid situations in the first place.

Online safety is about educating people and empowering them to be in control of the technology, not to let it control them. We cannot prevent exploration, we can only give our children the tools to keep themselves safe.

If you think that your child is at risk follow these key steps.

Be calm. Find out what you can about what is happening. Try not to be judgemental; if the child believes that they will get in trouble it is a lot harder to get the bottom of the situation.

Talk. Talk to your child calmly to explore what is happening in an honest and supportive way. The more information you have, the greater your ability to get to the bottom of the situation.

Action. Decide what you need to do to solve the situation. Discuss with friends, family and professionals as appropriate to come up with ways to resolve the issue.

Support. We don’t know everything, seek support as needed.


Whisper is an anonymous reporting service set up so that parents and students can report any issues or problems regarding child safety and bullying.

All messages will be sent to the designated safeguarding lead, Mrs Watling, at Thurstable School which will then be picked up promptly.

Click HERE to submit an anonymous report.


Send a text from your phone

THU1 + your message to 078600 21584

eSafety Consultant

Are you worried about an element of online safety and need some advice? Our team is on hand to guide you in the right direction.

Please contact: to arrange a meeting or feel free to book with us on any Parents Evening via the SchoolCloud booking site.


Our central hub for all the latest internet safety topics in the form of guides, videos & courses. You can also download the NOS app on your iPhone or Android to get all the information directly to your device.

Setup Link - Click Here

App Guide - Click Here

Google Interland

A game-based course to help children feel safe and confident in the online world. Great to do with the family to learn vital internet safety skills.

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