Thurstable School and Sixth Form College’s expectation is that you maintain an attendance of at least 96% and above. Failure to achieve this will result in parents/carers being contacted and you will be subject to our attendance improvement procedures. Ultimately, poor attendance may jeopardise your place in the Sixth Form College.

The school day commences at 8.30am and the register is called promptly at 8.35am. If you arrive after 8.35am but before 8.55am you will be marked as late. If you arrive after 8.55am, without a valid reason, you will be marked as late after the register has closed. This is classed as an unauthorised absence and requires a note from parents/carers. All students arriving after 8.35am are expected to sign in at Student Reception.

Attendance at form time is vital to ensure you are able to complete your University or workplace application forms. During form time, you will complete skills based learning, and focus on next steps and future planning. Attendance at all lessons is compulsory. All Sixth Form students have a number of study periods. The Sixth Form Study Centre is an unsupervised area where you will be expected to manage your own time productively.

If you are ill, parents/carers must call the school’s Student Absence Line – 01621 816526 - on the first morning of absence stating their name, your name and form, full reason for absence (if due to illness the nature of the ailment must be stated) and, if known, the date you will return to school. If no return date is given parents/carers must call the Absence Line each and every day you are absent. On your return to school parent/carers must then provide a note, addressed to the Attendance Officer, explaining the full reason for your absence along with any medical evidence i.e. copy of a prescription, prescribed medication packaging, a doctor’s letter or a Student Medical Certificate which is downloadable from the school website. Absences known in advance must be notified to the Head of Sixth Form / Sixth Form Manager by completing an Absence request form.

Appointment cards or other evidence including parental/carer letters must accompany this slip.

Holidays will affect attendance and attainment levels and SHOULD NOT be taken during the school term.

Medical and dental appointments must be made outside of college hours whenever possible.