Good attendance, a committed attitude to work, smart dress and exemplary behaviour are key to the success of students in the Sixth Form. They are the fundamentals of an approach to study which will lead to successful outcomes. We therefore want to be clear what these things mean to us in our Sixth Form and clear with you and your parents/carers what our expectations are.

As a member of our Sixth Form you agree to:

● Meet the full extent of our expectation as detailed in the Code of Conduct you have been given.

● Wear your lanyard with your ID cards visible at all times;

● Adhere to our attendance policy

● Adhere to our dress code;

● Present yourself on time to each lesson, be well prepared with the correct books and equipment; Work quietly in the Sixth Form Study areas and other designated study rooms;

● Only use computers for educational purposes relating to your studies;

● Perform at or above your target grade throughout your time in the Sixth Form College or engage with fully with support measure to get you back on track;

● Work independently during study periods;

● Act as role models in school both within and outside of the Sixth Form environment, behaving in a responsible way, using appropriate language and treating staff and other students with courtesy and respect.