Psychology is a course students enjoy studying as we give you the opportunity to debate, explain and analyse the behaviour of others around us both locally and globally. Throughout your study of Psychology you will learn about the influences of our biology and society on human behaviour. You will learn how to design and carry out your own research to help explain the world that you live in.  

Department Staff   

Mr S Rudd – Head of Psychology 

Curriculum Intent  

GCSE and A Level Psychology students will acquire detailed knowledge of relevant psychological theories, studies and historical events relating to the continuing development of psychology as a science. Furthermore, students will develop critical thinking skills as they evaluate the appropriateness and applicability of psychological theories to real life. Additionally, students will develop key research skills, such as how to design, implement and analyse a psychological research study ethically. In addition, students will further develop their essay writing, discussion and debating skills through the completion of long answer exam questions. These skills are key to success at university and future employment, particularly when completing future dissertations or research for employers. 

AS and A Level AQA  

AS Level AQA 

Paper 1 – Introductory topics in Psychology – 50% 

Paper 2 – Psychology in Context – 50%  

A Level AQA 

Paper 1 – Introductory topics in Psychology – 33.3%  

Paper 2 – Psychology in Context – 33.3% 

Paper 3 – Issues and Options in Psychology – 33.3%  


We are a well-resourced department with a fully equipped dedicated teaching room. 


Drop-in support and revision sessions are offered to students throughout the year. In addition we are developing links with local universities and offer visits and trips to conferences when relevant to the content taught. 

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