Media Studies is a fascinating subject that will change your perceptions and teach you how to view the world in a new light. We look at a variety of Media forms which provide a springboard into a range of different related topics and issues in society today, as well as your own consumption of the media. You will become a more open minded and critical thinker as we explore a range of theoretical perspectives and analyse a range of exciting texts.  

Department Staff

Mrs K Minter – Head of Media Studies

Miss H Harris – Media Studies Teacher

Curriculum Intent

Our Media Studies curriculum aims to develop our students’ to become critical thinkers that engage with a plethora of media texts in all styles and forms. The selected texts are designed to invite close scrutiny and analytical evaluation to promote this critical thinking. The curriculum is designed in order to encourage evaluative skills ,and personal approaches to a variety of texts, so that students can be more aware of the impact the media industry has on their own lives and their surroundings. In particular, the embedding of multiple theoretical studies allows students to explore how media texts are purposefully manipulative, and the strategies that media production teams have utilised and refined over the last century.

Within the media curriculum there are frequent opportunities for cross curricular links with aspects of English language, history, politics and psychology and sociology, meaning we engage in a rich and deep curriculum which explores numerous boundaries and interpretations. The media curriculum includes a deliberate focus on broadening students’ media technical language, as well as their consideration of representation, as students are actively encouraged to experiment with the application and use of technical and theoretical terminology throughout their studies.

GCSE & A Level

Eduqas Media Studies – both GCSE and A Level


Component 1

Exploring the Media.

1hour 30 minutes.

40% of qualification

Component 2

Understanding Media Forms and Products

1 hour 30 minutes

30% of qualification

Component 3

Creating Media Products (NEA)

30% of qualification

A Level

Component 1

Media Products, Industries and Audiences

2 hours 15 minutes

35% of qualification

Component 2

Media Forms and Products in Depth

2 hours 30 minutes

35% of qualification

Component 3

Cross-Media Production (NEA)

30% of qualification


In Media Studies we have a wealth of cameras, recording equipment and even a pop up green screen, all of which are central to the completion of coursework. The NEA is designed, shot, edited and published by the students, meaning that we have a range of supportive software and hardware for this. At A Level students are required to complete a Cross-Media production for their NEA, giving an opportunity to use voice recording software and hardware too. We regularly use the school’s Chromebook trolley for research lead projects and will use the computer suites / the ELC for the editing of NEA.


We like to stay in touch with the British Film Industry’s (BFI) competitions and promote these in school. The BFI also regularly runs film and Media events in London for students immerse themselves in and we hope to partake in some of these in the future. Additionally we are in discussion (post-Covid) to begin a Film Studies Club.

Useful Subject Links

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