GO 4 Schools

An online system which both students and parents can access, detailing a students progress over time, and progress towards their target grades. Reporting occurs formally every half term, during which an effort and attainment grade are awarded; this helps inform our intervention programme.

As well at this GO 4 Schools acts as an attendance, punctuality and behaviour tracker allowing you to keep an instantaneous track of your son / daughters school life. Homework is also set on this platform, with teachers detailing the task, with start and end dates for hand in - tasks are marked off by teachers as completed; you can therefore assume that if this has not happened, your son / daughter has not submitted their work.

Schools Post

All mail within the main school and Sixth Form is electronic. In the event we need to contact you to formally invite you to events during the school year, we will do so using this system. An email alert is set up, so that if you have a new Schools post letter an email will be sent to your designated email address.


Thurstable School and Sixth Form college is a Google Reference School - this means that the majority of our systems work via the Google platform. You will be assigned a Google email address and be part of a virtual classroom for each subject. Work will be shared on this platform. We are fortunate to have access to the E-Learning Centre, a bespoke area of the school with Google experts on hand to help you.

Parent Pay and Cashless Payments

Thurstable School and Sixth Form College is a ‘cashless’ school, meaning that money is loaded onto an account which is linked to a payment card. This can be topped up when it is convenient for you. You can purchase food from the canteen with this card, as well as pay for your printing. Parent Pay is also used for trip payments.