At Thurstable we aim to provide a school environment which is welcoming and supportive and to create a caring, working atmosphere which will enable students to reach their full potential intellectually, spiritually, morally and physically. Thurstable recognises the importance of the individual, values all its students equally and strives to ensure that they have the opportunity to experience success. 

To underpin the success of our students we not only have high expectations of all our students, both academically and socially, but also encourage co-operation, mutual respect and sensitivity towards others through positive, professional relationships between staff and students. Regardless of race, gender or age, Thurstable School aims to develop a concern for their learning environment and the school community as a whole. 

This school aims to ensure that appropriate behaviour is promoted within the school and that inappropriate behaviour is deterred. The underlying attitudes the school promotes are based on kindness, compassion and challenge: everyone has the right to be treated fairly and with respect; and everyone is accountable for the choices they make.