From the moment you arrive at Thurstable Sixth Form you will be given your aspirational target grades. These grades will be calculated from your GCSE performance and from historic data from individuals of a similar ability notionally. This will give you a goal to work towards and exceed.

Teachers are encouraged to regularly assess using in class assessment; classwork and homework is then moderated within the department, and the Sixth Form Team.

We have half term data drops using GoForSchools, which will grade you on your effort in class, homework, application to your studies and will indicate your performance against your aspirational target grade. This data is informed by ongoing class assessment as well as formal assessments.

Once a term you will have an ‘assessment hour’, this is a formal assessment, in exam conditions, whereby we can develop your weaknesses and celebrate your successes. From these assessment hours; departments will mark and feedback based on a diagnosis, therapy, and re-test (DTT) model.

Teachers will:

1. Diagnose your weaknesses and misconceptions

2. Put a ‘therapy’ in place to rectify this.

3. Re-test to ensure mastery of the weakness / misconception.

Following data drops Sixth Form students are then put into 4 distinct groups, using the ‘Horsforth Quadrant’, this splits the year group according to their current attainment and effort. An academic mentor is then assigned to each group who is best placed to improve overall outcomes, and overcome student barriers to learning. Targets will be set, and revisited at regular intervals.

There will be two formal exam periods; a PPE in Year 12, to allow for transition, and a PPE in Year 13 to identify areas of development before the formal exam period later in the year. At every stage the same DTT cycle will be implemented by departments.

The Sixth Form team recognise that effective assessment, tracking, monitoring and intervention are the key to your success, and as such we will be there with you every step of the way.