Docs is the equivalent to Microsoft Word - a word processing app which allows students to work independently or collaboratively on their work.

Gmail is our student's main source of contact. Each student get's a Gmail email account when they join the school to contact their teachers.

Slides is the equivalent to Microsoft PowerPoint - a quick, slick presentation app that allows students to build visual works of art for their lessons whether that's individually or as a group.

Sheets is the equivalent to Microsoft Excel. Sheets allows our students to build seamless spreadsheets in a collaborative or individual format.

Classroom is the central area for virtual learning and remote-based sessions. Classwork is set within Classroom with all the tools and resources the students need to complete the lesson from wherever they are - all set by their teacher. Student's will have 1 classroom per subject.*Click on the button to the left for help guide*

Drive is your central storage area. All of the documents you create or any shared with you from staff or your peers will sit in here.

Meet is the video conferencing app which serves as our LIVE element to our Virtual Learning. Meet allows classes to run as normal as possible whilst at home giving staff and students the ability to learn and talk in a classroom format. *Click on the button to the left for help guide*

Calendar is the place you can see your timetable and any scheduled events. You can also see your timetable on Go4Schools.

Forms allows students to create quick and easy forms to use for research and data collecting.

Google Workspace is our virtual learning platform that gives our students the tools to aid them in their studies, whenever, wherever. The versatile VLE can be accessed on any device allowing students to complete work at home or on-the-go.

Google has a 1 sign in system that allows the student's to access everything in one place under 1 account. The students sign in with the format of

As well as computer based, the apps used in our Google Workspace eco-system are all FREE to download in the Apple & Android app stores also.

In 2017, Thurstable School was awarded 'Reference School' status, a prestigious certification from Google that demonstrates our ability to integrate Google products and learning into the classroom and use them as a beneficial learning tool. We are the only Certified school in Essex, 1 of 24 in the UK and 120 worldwide. Thurstable is listed in Google's Reference School Worldwide Directory, which gives other school's from all across the globe the ability to contact us for help and advice.

Thurstable School is proud to be a lighthouse for eLearning across the world.