The school considers pastoral care to be one its strengths and there is a team that provides support to all of our students. At the heart of this team is the student’s Form Tutor, someone they see every day and who is their first point of contact for any issues. Parents can also email Form Tutors with any information or concerns.

The school pastoral care is structured in year groups and each year group in has a Head of Year and a Learning Relationship Coordinator (LRC). The LRCs are non-teaching members of staff and are therefore available throughout the day to work with students who may be having difficulties, whether personal or based on relationships with others in school, and are also a key contact for parents. The Heads of Year are responsible for the personal and academic development of all the students in their year group and take a lead on attendance, behaviour and the celebration of the student success.

Mrs N Wiseman

Head of Year 7

Mrs E Featherstone

Year 7 LRC

Mr T Evans

Head of Year 8

Mrs J Terry

Year 8 LRC

Mr H Evans

Head of Year 9

Mr J Peachey

Year 9 LRC

Mrs K Cowling

Head of Year 10

Mrs L Wright

Year 10 LRC

Mr B Matthews

Head of Year 11

Mrs L Collins

Year 11 LRC

In addition to Form Tutors, LRCs and Heads of Year there are a number of dedicated professionals who can support the specific needs of our students. These include;

The Safeguarding Team, Mr J Lee and Mrs H Watling - Click Here

The SEND Team and the SENDCo, Mr D Raleigh - Click Here

The Attendance Team, The Director for Attendance Mr A Woodcock, The Education Welfare Office and the Student Services staff - Click Here

They all work closely with a range of external agencies who can add to our pastoral provision. This includes the School Nurse service and appointments for this can be made through a student’s LRC.