A School of Character

Thurstable School has been a central element of the Tiptree and Blackwater communities for decades and is known and loved by many in the local community. We recognise that parents of our current children, local business owners and other members of the community that we serve have either attended Thurstable themselves or know someone who has. Our times spent at school as children leave a permanent etch in our memories, one that is impossible to erase and evokes powerful emotions, both good and bad. It is these memories of a school that live in the minds of our community and are subconsciously used to view the school through the lens of times gone by.

Thurstable School is, however, going through its most significant period of change in recent memory, on a shared mission of ‘Building Knowledge, Growing Character’. We are committed to this vision, and with it comes a period of dramatic and tangible change that may challenge opinions and preconceptions about the school. Central to our mission is ‘Growing Character’. We believe that all of the staff in our school are responsible for educating the entire child, not just teaching their subjects. This responsibility is not to be taken lightly as those days spent in school by our students literally shape their lives and can have a powerful and transformative effect on them. 

We endeavour to be a school of character, one whose purpose is to develop the young children that join our school into adults and provide for them the foundations of good character that will give them the bedrock required to face all of life's challenges. This is who we are as a school community and what we offer to our wider community of students, parents and all other stakeholders.

Our mission is underpinned by three key values:

We aspire to live and breathe these values every single day in school and expect our students to do the same. However, these values are endpoints, ideals that we wish all of our students embody. Each of the values is underpinned by a series of virtues, or character traits, that our students can demonstrate that allow them to embody Aspire, Respect and Endeavour.