As voted for by both parents and staff following the success of our 'Virtual Thurstable' environment during the lockdown period, at Thurstable our Parents Evenings are held virtually via our Google Meet video call platform. This allows parents and staff to communicate virtually from the comfort of their own homes bringing a more calm and dynamic approach to the evening.

A SchoolsPost message is sent to parents in good time before a parents evening with a link to our online booking system. The system gives you the control to book with the teachers you want to see and can be completed in minutes - it is quick and easy!

On the day of the Parents Evening, you are sent a message via SchoolsPost with a special website for the evening. The website allows you to click on the various departments and staff you need to see. All you need to do is click on the teacher that corresponds to your bookings and you will be able to meet with them virtually on any device, anywhere.

This years evenings are listed below. All Parents Evenings are held on a Thursday.