Course Content:

The Extended Project is a single piece of work of a student’s choosing that requires evidence of planning, preparation, research and independent learning.

The Project might be to design a report with findings from an investigation or study, a dissertation presenting an argument, an artefact or a performance.

It is seen as increasingly valuable, particularly by universities who feel it demonstrates a student’s ability to be independent, creative and analytical whatever their academic interest.


Project product, in the form of:

1. A research based written report. The recommended length is 5000 words.


2. An artefact (e.g. a piece of music or drama, an event, a piece of art or a realised design such as a lighting system) with a shorter research based written report. The recommended word count is 1000 minimum. Completed Production Log which helps students to record the process they have undertaken.

Both styles of project require a 10 minute powerpoint presentation on their project.

This course will suit you if you are particularly passionate about a subject, work well independently and are able to manage your time effectively.

Career opportunities and possible degree courses:

This qualification is increasingly seen as essential by the top universities (Russell group). The skills that students develop through the Extended Project are excellent preparation for university level study and for those looking to enter the world of work. It helps students ‘stand out’ amongst other university applicants and is also popular with employers as it demonstrates clear leadership, commitment and problem solving skills.

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