Well Done Year 11!

We congratulate each and every one of our brilliant cohort who with these GCSE and BTEC results will now be moving onto a broad range of post 16 courses both here at Thurstable and further afield. We are so proud of the tremendous amount of hard work and effort our students have put into their studies, especially since March when they returned to school. They did everything that we asked, completed their assessments, revised hard and as a year group supported each otherWe know how tirelessly the students have worked in the most difficult of years and they always did so with good spirit and endeavour.

There have been some exceptional achievements this year and it is also important to recognise that each of our wonderful Year 11 students are individuals who have run their own races and faced their own unique challenges but they have all remained determined to do the absolute best that they could and they have all written their own stories and made their own legacies.

I would also like to thank all of the teachers who have worked tirelessly to ensure students are all able to progress onto further education and study. It was a monumental achievement, replicated nationally, to have completed the assessing, moderation and awarding of grades and the staff took on this responsibility with professionalism and dedication.

I am sure that the students would join me in thanking the parents of our Year 11 cohort who have been brilliantly supportive of the students and school in these most turbulent of times. It is never easy being a parent of a Year 11 or 13 student and we know you feel every bump along the road and probably this year more than any year.

Well done to each and every Year 11 student and we wish you all of the very best of luck in your future studies and careers as you continue to make your legacies.

James Ketley, Headteacher