Event Operations is a practical subject which follows the WJEC specification. It is a both a theoretical and creative subject which focuses on the planning, running and evaluation of different types of events. In lessons, students will be taught theoretical knowledge of event planning and running, which they will then put into practice over a number of planned events which they will be responsible for over the course of Key Stage 4.

Department Staff

Mrs K Minter - Head of Events Operations

Curriculum Intent

It gives students a practical hands on approach which allows them to gain industry experience, knowledge and skills. Students learn teamwork, organisation, communication, budgeting and target setting. They gain a knowledge of the events industry, through theoretical planning and execution of events and the tools needed to be successful event planners. Students must first master the skills and then apply them to gain knowledge. This is a practical subject which opens paths into the industry. It is taught in a very practical and creative way allowing all students to access the highest grades. This should already be in place from your curriculum overviews.

GCSE & A Level – GCSE - WJEC. 3 Units

Unit 1 - Externally examined unit. The Events Industry. Exam 90 minutes. 40%

Unit 2 - Internally assessed unit. Event Operations. Practical project: plan, run and evaluate an event. 30%

Unit 3 - Internally assessed unit. Event Planning. Plan and evaluate a proposal for an event linked to an exam set brief. 30%


1 room


We go on 2 trips to different events during the course.

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