“Children spend a limited number of years in school, and a large part of what they leave with is the direct result of the curriculum, of the substance of what has been taught. Our students can leave us with a rich and detailed understanding of the world and our placings in it. They can leave with a sense of ownership and belonging, and the knowledge that knowledge itself is in flux, that it is created in time, and that they themselves may join this story if they wish.” - (Ashbee, R., 2021, p.3)

The curriculum at Thurstable School resonates strongly with the words of Ashbee above. The purpose of our curriculum is to provide students with opportunities and experiences which give meaning to their lives. Not only do we strive for the best outcomes for our students in public examinations, but also to add value to the unmeasurable, so that our students become valuable and responsible members of the local community and wider society.

Our curriculum makes clear to our students how important knowledge is and that knowledge is both empowering and liberating. Through their experiences at Thurstable School, they will develop both intellectually and socially through the transformative experiences lived through their curriculum. Students will join our school as children, and leave as young men and women.