Will I get lost?

Most of our students tell us that it only takes a maximum of a week to find your way around our school. The school looks like it is big but it does not take long to find your classrooms. There are also many adults and older students around who will help you find where you need to go. During induction you will visit the school and for part of the time you spend with us you will have time to explore the school. If you are ever unsure, you can always go to Student Reception and someone will help you.

What if I forget my books or PE kit?

We understand that moving from primary school to secondary school is a big change and it may take a few weeks to settle in and get organised. Your form tutor will work with you and your parents to help you with this. We have spare PE kit in school if needed.

What happens if I forget my lunch or do not have any money on my card?

If this happens, please speak to your LRC who will if needed contact your parents. Don’t worry you will not go hungry!

How do I know what homework I need to do? How long should I spend on homework?

Homework is a key part of how you will develop as an independent learner and all the tasks you will need to do will be on Go 4 Schools. Go 4 Schools is a website on which you can see your timetable, homework, merits and track your progress. In the first couple of weeks we will introduce homework slowly so that we can make sure that everyone can log into Go 4 Schools. You should be doing about an hour and a half each evening on your own, but this will vary depending on which subjects you have when. We recommend that you plan your time well: look ahead and think about when you will do each homework. This is much better than leaving everything to the last minute!

What if I find the work difficult?

Speak to someone! Speak to a parent, teacher or your form tutor. We have great systems for helping students for helping you if you need extra help.

What if I am worried about something? What if I am having troubles with friends?

We can all have worries or fallings out with friends and we have a great support system for you in school. If you are worried about something, speak to someone. Your tutor, your LRC and your Head of Year are all there to help.

Can I bring my mobile phone to school?

You can bring your mobile phone to school, but while in school it should not be seen or heard. If you need to contact home, speak to your LRC or go to Student Services.

What if you feel ill in school?

Speak to your teacher. He or she can decide whether you might need to go to the medical room.